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INAAP, in partnership with the Indiana State Department of Health and Massachusetts General Hospital, is proud to be the home of the CEASE Program in Indiana. 

Tobacco use and exposure tobacco smoke is a serious concern for all for all family members. Child healthcare clinicians are in a unique and important position to address tobacco use and exposure to tobacco smoke because of the regular contact they have with families and the harmful health consequences that tobacco smoke exposure has for their patients.

CEASE, or the Clinical Effort Against Secondhand Smoke Exposure, is a program that trains pediatricians and office staff to systematically provide cessation counseling and interventions to parents and other adults who smoke. The program includes tools to both change the pediatric health care office infrastructure and facilitate pediatric health care providers' delivery of counseling, medications, and referral for tobacco cessation. The effectiveness of the program has been proven over the past decade, and has been shown to drastically increase rates of delivering tobacco control assistance to parents.

Nationally Recognized for Innovation

CEASE is recognized for innovation in increasing quit rates among families and reducing household smoke exposure.

Recognized by the National Cancer Institute 

CEASE is recognized to be a highly effective program with its high research integrity, impact, and dissemination capability.  

Productive and Cost-Effective Programming

CEASE is a more cost-effective tobacco cessation effort compared to usual care from healthcare organizations. 

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

 Integrate the
Ask-Assist-Refer treatment model into your clinical routine.

In Indiana

CEASE is currently operating in 22 sites across Indiana, providing tobacco cessation resources to Hoosier families of all backgrounds. We are always looking for more clinics to join the CEASE community and integrate cessation best practices into their clinical routine. Please contact us if you are interested in implementing CEASE at your clinic!

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