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The Evidence
Reach Out and Read is built on and backed by science.

Reach Out and Read works! 

In participating families, more than 20 studies show:

  • Parents are 2.5x more likely to read with their infants, toddlers, and preschoolers!

  • Parents are 2x more likely to read with their children (3) or more times per week.

  • Families are 2.5x more likely to enjoy reading together or to have books in the home.

  • Children's language development is improved 3-6 months.

  • Children's language ability improves with increased exposure to Reach Out and Read.

  • Clinic culture and clinician well-being is improved.

NEW in 2020!

Study Finds that Reach Out and Read Enhances Clinic Morale, Increases Provider Satisfaction, and Improves Patient-Clinician Relationships


Heather Burton, MD and Dipesh Navsaria, MD,


Wisconsin Medical Journal

A new study  evaluated the effect of Reach Out and Read on clinic values and attitudes and found that implementation of Reach Out and Read enhanced clinic morale, increased provider satisfaction, and improved patient-clinician relationships.

Read the complete study.

NEW in 2020!

Encouraging Parent–Child Book Sharing: Potential Additive Benefits of Literacy Promotion in Health Care and the Community,

Canfield et al.,


Early Childhood Research Quarterly

Parents who received both a book and guidance through Reach Out and Read about the importance of reading were more likely to engage in literacy activities with their children through book sharing at home.


Read the complete study.

Attendance at Well-Child Visits After Reach Out and Read

Needlman et al.,


Clinical Pediatrics

Caretakers who are introduced to Reach Out and Read demonstrate a significant increase in compliance with Well-Child Visits (WCV), with the largest differences found among Latino families and children of less-educated families.


Read the complete study.

Positive impacts of reading together include:

  • Better recognition of sounds and letters

  • Knowledge of a wider range of vocabulary

  • Increased listening skills

  • A deeper understanding of how stories work

Reading in a Bookstore
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