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Pediatric Provider Resources 

Featured: Reach Out and Read's updated model

Did you know that having multiple positive childhood experiences per week, such as reading books together as a family, can mitigate some of the long-term negative health effects linked with experiencing multiple adverse childhood experiences?

Read Beyond Medicine: Reach Out and Read & Adverse Childhood Experiences to learn more about the research guiding Reach Out and Read's updated model.

Here are some helpful resources for you to be able to talk to parents about the importance of reading aloud to their child, talking points for medical providers to caregivers, and also a tip sheet to give the parent hints on what they should be seeing with their child and how to help them.


  • National Reach Out and Read COVID-19 related supports and resources continue to be updated, see the latest

  • You can find free e-books on the link above. 

  • Click here for tips for parents on How Books Help Children Cope with Stress

  • Click here for tips for parents on How Books Help Children Cope with Stress in Spanish 

  • Here you can find guidance from National Reach Out and Read regarding infection control measures for gently used and new book

  • In the video below you can watch a great example on how to incorporate Reach Out and Read into a telehealth visit. 

Developmental Milestones  

Reach Out and Read’s well-known chart, MILESTONES OF EARLY LITERACY DEVELOPMENT, offers information – in an easy-to-read grid – on the developmental stages (both motor and cognitive) that lay the foundation for learning to read. Targeted to ages 6 months through 5 years, the MILESTONES include tips and guidance for healthcare providers, parents, and caregivers on choosing books and reading aloud to children at different ages.


Download the English/Spanish two-sided chart here.


Newborn Talking Points (English)
Newborn Talking Points (Spanish)

Reach Out and Read is on the air! 

Click Here to learn more about the Reach Out and Read podcast. You can find engaging conversations with experts in childhood health and literacy.

Click here for more ROR Training Videos on YouTube

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