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The CARE Program Process &
the CARE Line

Family Navigators support clients and families through each step of the CARE Program process. It begins when the need for mental health services is identified. 

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Child or adolescent is referred to the CARE Program by their primary care provider, school staff, or legal guardian. Referrals can be made by contacting the CARE Line at 888-495-7271 or by completing the CARE Program intake form online.



Family Navigators meet with the referred client and their legal guardian to identify their needs and obtain the information that will be used in the client-mental health provider matching process.

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Family Navigators utilize the CARE Program database of mental health providers to identify the services that can best support the client and their family. Families receive a personalized referral that is unique to their needs. Navigators empower families by prioritizing client and family choice when selecting their mental health provider. 



Family Navigators remain in contact with families to assure that they are able to schedule with mental health providers within the desired timeframe. Navigators collaborate with families, primary care providers, and mental health providers to problem-solve barriers that are negatively impacting the family's access to care.

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Family Navigators conduct follow-up interviews with participating families and document their feedback. This data will be used to create a living database of effective pediatric mental health services that are available throughout our state.

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