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Indiana Mental Health Providers

The CARE Program would not exist without you and the incredible work that you do.
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How does the CARE Program identify and "match" mental health providers?

Our team of CARE Family Navigators has been built carefully and with intention. Our mission is to provide a high-quality service to children and families that helps to remove barriers and increase access to care. Providing a statewide service that guides families through the process of obtaining mental health services for their children is no simple task. That's why the CARE Team consists of talented and compassionate individuals with extensive experience in the mental health field. Who better to guide families through Indiana's complex mental health system than those who have worked within the system themselves? 


CARE Family Navigators utilize interpersonal and motivational interviewing skills to conduct intake sessions with families, helping them to identify their child's/adolescent's potential needs. Navigators then use client information (such as address and zip code) to search for mental health providers in their area that have the ability to meet their needs.

Family Navigators confirm that mental health providers are in-network with insurance, accepting new clients, within a manageable distance, and offer the services the family is looking for before identifying them as a potential "match". 


The CARE Program pulls from numerous resources to identify potential matches for families, both personal and professional. CARE is honored to partner with several mental health practices and individual providers throughout the state. We also utilize networks within community mental health centers, mental health organizations, and local hospital systems to ensure that we can connect families to a variety of mental health services.

Let’s work together!

Mental health providers within the state of Indiana that would like to be considered for INAAP CARE Program Referrals: ​


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