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Indiana Mental Health Providers

The CARE Program would not exist without you and the incredible work that you do.
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How does the CARE Program identify mental health providers for clients?

The CARE Program has created and maintains a database of pediatric mental health providers that are available throughout the state of Indiana.

This database is continuously updated and helps our family navigators to identify mental health providers within a client's specific zip code. 


Data is obtained from numerous sources such as community mental health centers, mental health organizations, and local hospital networks to ensure that our database includes mental health providers that offer a variety of mental health services.


Let’s work together!

Mental health providers within the state of Indiana that would like to be featured in the INAAP database: ​


Our database includes provider information that is especially helpful to families such as:

  • Availability and approximate wait time for new patient appointments

  • Specialties and types of treatment offered

  • Types of insurance accepted 

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