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Reach Out and Read partners with MHS

Exciting News! Managed Health Services (MHS) partners with Reach Out and Read Indiana to support early childhood development. MHS has granted $25,000 to the INAAP, enhancing the Reach Out and Read Indiana Program. Together, they're fostering healthy relationships and social-emotional development in children through bonding during reading and pediatric care.The funds will assist in supporting the 175,000 children annually that are served through the ROR program that is promoting safe, stable, nurturing relationships during well-child visits. Pediatric clinicians play a crucial role by providing books and encouraging parents to read aloud, optimizing early brain development.

"Reach Out and Read seeks to give all children an opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to their community and society, particularly those facing systemic barriers to their ability to thrive. MHS is making our vision a reality,” said Dr. Jill Howell-Berg, Medical Director of Reach Out and Read Indiana. The grant aims to alleviate health disparities, improve language skills, and enhance school readiness in critical areas of Indiana. We are so grateful for our continued partnership with MHS!

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